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Millionearners  is an Affiliate Income Website that harness the powers of crowdfunding (mutual help) with the potentials of advertisements and affiliate marketing to empower her members.
Millionearners pays her members through activities ranking. Members accrue points, Cumulative Activities Points (CAP) for doing simple tasks like; promoting and selling affiliate brands or products, Sharing Sponsored Post, taking surveys, reviewing products and brands, Viewing of Sponsored Video Ads, Downloading of applications and many more.
Millionearners money pot is estimated on weekly basis and the top ranked members i.e members with the highest CAP, get paid based on the total fund available for payout.
and such member is registered to the bottom of the rank log for a second cycle of payout.



₦ 5000

  • Earn 1 million naira @ payout
  • Earn while you support others
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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For advertisers; We walk closely with our partners to make them enviable businesses and brands. Our network of mobile upward members will take your brand far both online and around the cities, creating impressive mindshare and ultimately better sales.

For Members; We are here to give you the hope for better future. Partnering with us will set you on the pedestal of Millionaires! We are not just your regular online platform, we dig deep to identify potential brands, partner with them with them on a rewarding advertisement contract to make you a certified brands ambassador and advertising agent.
We share the rewards of our credible work with members to give them a hope for better life.

Partner with us to have a taste of millions and improve the life of others even as yours or businesses.

Happy Earning and Winning.
We rise by lifting others.

The satisfaction that comes from lifting others just as you’re rising is the greatest feeling of success.
This is exactly what you get from this platform.
Come let’s rise and touch lives together!.

Olayode Michael (Bishop)

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